Atelier VGI

About Bespoke Photographic Prints:

It is a lot of fun, and a wonderful hobby, to collect photographs from a wide variety of eras, styles and artists, both as vintage prints and contemporary reprints.  A downside for the collector, however, is that one is often unsure exactly how many other prints of the same image are in circulation, and in what sizes and conditions.  This uncertainty may affect future valuation.

“Bespoke photographic prints” are original prints created specifically at the request of the collector from negatives or digital files which have not yet been printed as fine art prints.  The edition number of such images is specified by the client - usually only one or two prints, in addition to the artist proof(s).  The original negative or digital file is then removed from the market, so that no further prints are allowed of that same image.  The database for the artist’s catalogue raisonne is updated at the time of purchase, to document the creation and sale of that specific image to that specific collector (or proxy, if discretion is requested), for certification of provenance.

By definition, most bespoke photographic prints will be contemporary, although rare exceptions may exist.

Bespoke photographic prints differ from “limited edition” prints in that the number of prints is determined by the collector at the time of purchase, and not by the artist or gallery at the time of printing.  Collectors seeking total exclusivity of image and print ownership may find the bespoke photographic print concept more suitable than limited edition prints.  

Atelier VGI is a strong supporter of the bespoke concept, and will happily work with its clients to arrange and ensure exclusive image ownership. ​  Please email us to ask for images of interest to you.